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Pork U smashes the “Black Best Friend” trope of black girls being an accessory to a white experience, and brings the “Quirky Black Girl” to the forefront. For better or worse, with her strengths and flaws, she is driving the story.
Pork U
Web Series
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               Insecure meets Broad City…                       A Different World meets Pretty in Pink…


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Pork U is a hilarious ride, cinematically shot, and rooted in character. 

Audiences will laugh, cry, and ultimately feel.


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Unready to grow up but unwilling to stay children, Human Mess™ Gigi and infectiously charming Chick'n are about to have their dependable lives upended whilst navigating the absurdity, drama, and pitfalls of Pork U.


Our first episode ends with Gigi literally sh*tting herself because she’s truly a 

mess inside and out.


1. Halloween (Pity) Party PART 1

Gigi gets invited to a Halloween Party and is determined to get a kiss from her crush, Ian. Meanwhile, Chick’n is being stalked.


2. Halloween (Pity) Party PART 2
Gigi decides to confront Ian after discovering some unsettling news. Chick’n makes a plan to trap his stalker. 


3. Strike 

(A mockumentary-style episode) Pork University’s staff goes on strike and a team of alumni document the chaotic experiences of the current students. The advisor gives Chick’n some disheartening news. 


4. Girl, BYE

It’s the night of the school’s production of Rent: The Musical. Chick’n gets cast in a lead role, after Brandon breaks his foot. He wants to prove to his dad that theatre is worth pursuing. Easier said than done when nothing goes right. Curiously, Gigi is missing from the audience. 


5. Late for Rent

It’s a month after Rent: The Musical. Gigi recruits Chick’n for a secret mission. While they are doing reconnaissance, Gigi recalls why she was late for Rent.


6. Audition

The theatre students audition for the acting conservatory. Gigi and Chick’n quickly realize that the school is looking for things to be done the white way.

Gigi tries to avoid Blair, and Chick’n finally confesses a secret he's been hiding from Gigi.


7. Voulez Vous Couchez Avec Moi 

 (A psychedelic and loopy video, mirroring Gigi’s exhaustion.) Exam week has descended. Gigi is hasn’t slept in 56 hours and is trying to avoid Blair and  Chick’n and  Ian. Things get trippy.


8. Meet the Faulkners

Ian unexpectedly traps Gigi into having dinner with his family. As he tries to upset the family dynamic, things are awkward and tense to say the least. Gigi and Chick’n try to work through their issues.


9. Summer

Summer vacation has officially begun and Summer is having a birthday dinner with a few close friends. Gigi is late (of course), which results in an awkward sandwich. The party moves to a club and Gigi comes to terms with her choice. Will it be Ian or Blair?


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DEEPEST GRATITUDE from the Pork U Team! <3 <3 <3

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Ariana Palm (she/her)
Executive Producer, WRITER, Director, Actor (GIGI)
  • Casting Coordinator for CTV's Farming for Love 
  • York University Theatre Graduate, specializing in Playwriting
  • Studied at Pro Actors Lab (Toronto) for 15 years
  • Identity School of Acting (London, UK)
  • Improv performer for 10+ years
  • Stand Up comic 
Team-member photo
Stuckless (they/them)
Line Producer, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, Director

Stuckless has been a professional photographer in the industry for many years. They have shot for:

  • Roots
  • Sephora
  • Mac Cosmetics
  • Vulkan magazine
  • Mob Journal
  • RBC
  • Volant Magazine
  • Horizont Magazine
  • Swagger Magazine



Team-member photo
Cheatham (she/THEY/I)
ProDUCer, Music Supervisor

Cheatham is a University of Central Florida Film graduate. She minored in Mass Communications and Writing. They have been working in the industry for many years and are a creative developer, vocalist, songwriter, executive producer, writer, actor, and model. 

  • Creative developer and arranger for LBEZ & C Media.
  • Songwriter and vocal arrangements with Studio 18
  • Executive producer & background vocalist for Dear Tatiana
  • Background vocalist for Thayne
  • Writer, Producer, Content Developer for E.Flat content and copywriting
Team-member photo
Stephen Purdy (he/him)

Stephen is a comedic genius who has been working, directing, and performing in the industry for over 10 years. 

  • Director of The Lighthouse Troupe's Improv and Sketch group Yes, Trespassing. 
  • Director of Vanier Improv Company at Vanier College Productions for 2 years.
  • Improv performer in the Vanier Improv Company.
  • Stephen studied History at York University.
  • His previous acting performances include The Chairman in The Mystery of Edwin Drood and Underling in The Drowsy Chaperone, and Kent in The 6th Degree (Ryan Boulet). 
Team-member photo
Jason Lyons (he/him)
  • He was a cast member of the wildly popular YouTube show, Latoya's Life, with Latoya Forever (1.44 m subscribers)
  • Songwriter, currently working with international artist 11:11.
  • Graduated from The Remix Project where he studied music composition, production, performance, and branding.
  • Modeling: Principal role in 11:11's music video Proposal, and modelled for a number of clothing brands including Cashfeelings and Peachboutique.
Team-member photo
Tomasz Pereira Nunes (he/him)
Actor (Blair)

Graduating from York University's Acting Conservatory, Tomasz is an extensively trained actor, with tons of experience. 


Film & TV:

  • Hugo in In Bocco Al Lupo (Cristian Nigro)
  • Nate in CX SERVICE (Julia DeMola)
  • Tom in The Line in Between (Thomas Santoro)


  • Pepe in Bakugan: Armored Alliance (Spin Master)
  • Ben, Doctor 1, Police Officer in Periphery  (Hailee Tomassone)
  • Filipe in Thomas and Friends: Race for the Andor Cup (Corus Entertainment)


  • Gerry in Rochdale (Nina Lee Aquino)
  • Ringmaster in Eat Me (Desirée Lavarenz)
  • Don Pedro in Shakespeare Projects (Liza Balkan)
  • Roger in The Balcony (Margaret Legere)
  • And many more!



Team-member photo
Ryan Boulet (HE/HIM)
Actor (Stan)

Ryan is a professional scriptwriter, improviser, & theatre creator, having graduated from York University with an Honours BA in Devised Theatre & from the Vanier Improv Company. With many years under his belt performing live improv & sketch comedy at Second City, Comedy Bar, & other venues across Toronto, Ryan is slowly assuming the prestigious title of Veteran Funny-Boy and hopes to one day be knighted as The Harbinger of Humor. Whether you think he's good at his job or not, one thing is for certain: This gaunt, lanky man is after your heart.



  • The 6th Degree, Supporting/Writer (The Lighthouse Troupe)
  • Yes Trespassing, Improviser/Producer (The Lighthouse Troupe)
  • The Wedding, Principal/Writer (The Lighthouse Troupe) 
  • Inverted Spotlight,Principal/Producer (Typo Theatr)
  • 34 Hours, Principal (EOS One Act Play Festival)
  • Buried Child Principal (Vanier College Productions)
  • 7 Stories, Leading Role (Vanier College Productions)
  • The Castle Spectre, Principal (Vanier College Productions)
Team-member photo
Julia Demola (SHE/HER)
Actor (Celine)

Graduating from York University's Acting Conservatory, Julia is an extensively trained actor, with tons of experience. 


Film & TV:

  • Mia in Summerland (Taylor Hopkins)
  • Julia in I Do or Die (Stanley Brooks)
  • Simone in She Keeps Me (Erica Orfino)
  • Monica in Days of Solitude (Sebastiàn Vives)
  • Ellen in CRUSHED (Rowan O'Brien)
  • Rebecca in Charlie (Matt Horvat)


  • Kitten in Rochdale (Nina Lee Aquino)
  • Virgilia in Coriolanus (Lindsey Bell)
  • Elayne in The Balcony (Margaret Legere)
  • Foible/Florinda in The Way of the World/The Rover (Jeannette Lambermont)
  • Françoise in The Two Executioners (Jeannette Lambermont)
  • And many more!
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