How It Works

For Creators
Submit Your Project
To have your project considered, click “Submit Your Project” at the top of the page. Answer the questions on our initial intake page and let us know why your team and project are a right fit for Support Our Story. Once ready, click “Submit” and your information will be sent to our team for review.
Approval Process
At Support Our Story we’re committed to your success. Our approval process is designed to gauge whether your project is a fit for our process. Most successful creators possess three main qualities - dedication, motivation, and most importantly, coachability. We are looking for creators who demonstrate they can meet all of these requirements.
Why the Approval Process?
Outside of Support Our Story most creative campaigns are not successful. We have found a way to increase your odds of success. Support Our Story is not a “hands-off” solution like traditional crowdfunding platforms. We take every campaign seriously and have a live team monitoring and supporting creators along their fundraising journey. Think of it as a crowdfunding management service that guides you as you do your part to succeed.
After Approval
Once your campaign has been approved, Support Our Story will send you your first piece of coaching to help you build your page and prepare for a successful launch. When you have completed setting up your page, click on “submit” for feedback.

Before you launch, you will have a live strategy session with a crowdfunding coach, who will assist you with your overall strategy and answer any questions.

We recommend setting your launch date two weeks from the date of your approval to prepare for a successful launch. Please note that you have up to four weeks after approval to launch your campaign, or you will have to submit your campaign again.
Building Your Campaign Page
Support Our Story provides you with easy-to-build tools including incentive graphics and suggestions.
You will set three financial crowdfunding goals: a Minimum Goal that you must reach to receive your funds; an Actual Goal; and a Stretch Goal. There is no limit to how much you can raise within 30 days, but you must reach at least your minimum goal.
You will receive daily coaching via email, mobile text, or both. You must follow the coaching to the best of your abilities. We recommend you set aside at least 60 minutes per day for the 30 days of your campaign. We also offer email customer service in case you have any questions about the platform or coaching.
When you crowdfund with Support Our Story, your project will be considered for distribution on our streaming platform A+ which will be available on Roku, Apple TV, Prime, and other major distribution channels. This is not a requirement to use Support Our Story.
Funds Disbursement
Congrats! Now that you are done watching the contributions pile up, you get to use the funds you raised towards your project. It usually takes 14 to 21 business days for you to receive your funds in your bank account.
Our Fees
We charge 10% of all funds raised. Your supporters can cover our 10% when they contribute to your campaign, we have found that on average over 80% of supporters choose to cover our fee. The payment processor charges 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction, this amount cannot be covered by supporters. Please see our FAQ page for more details.

For Supporters
Support Our Story lets you support your favorite creators. Contribute to any campaign of your choosing. Before you check out you will be able to choose an incentive of your liking. You can also cover the 10% platform fee so that the creator can receive more of your contribution. When you become a contributor, you will receive exciting updates directly from the creator.

For more information please visit our FAQ page.