How It Works

For Creators
Start Your Story
To get started, click “Launch a Campaign.” Answer a few questions on our initial intake page. When you click “Continue,” you will be sent your very first piece of free coaching!

Then, build your campaign page, and once you’re ready, send it to us for approval.
Prepare Your Story
Once your campaign page has been approved, Support Our Story will send you coaching to help you have a successful launch. We recommend a period of two weeks to prepare, but you can launch at any time after approval. Once you launch, you will have 30 days to campaign.
Share Your Story
Get your community excited about being part of your project! Support Our Story will send you regular coaching you can follow to raise the necessary funds to bring your project to life.

We have found that the campaigns that follow the coaching have a much higher success rate and raise more money than the national average.
Grow Your Story
Follow the coaching and make sure to campaign for a few hours a day.

There are three financial goals: a minimum goal that you must reach to receive your funds; an actual goal; and a stretch goal. There is no limit to how much you can raise within the 30 days, but you must reach at least your minimum goal.
Make Your Story!
Congrats! Now that you are done watching the contributions pile up, you get to use the funds you raised towards your project. It usually takes ten days for you to receive your funds in your bank account.

Soon after, you will be yelling Set, Camera, Action!

Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

For Supporters
Support Our Story lets you support your favorite creators. Make a contribution to any campaign of your choosing. Before you check out you will be able to choose an incentive of your liking. You can also cover the 10% fee we charge so that the creator can receive more of your contribution.