About Us

Our founders are filmmakers looking to uplift diverse and talented voices that would otherwise have a difficult time getting their stories made through the traditional funding model. We offer the alternative. Our platform allows creatives to tell the stories they would like, without compromises, through grassroots funding and with coaching support from industry professionals. In short, we want your story to be heard the way you want to tell it.

Our parent company, Avenida Productions, was founded in 2016 by a husband and wife duo in Los Angeles, California. Both of them have been a part of the entertainment industry anywhere from acting to directing. They found that many of the stories they wanted to tell were not easy to fund in Hollywood or that the films that included POC roles were filled with unflattering stereotypes. So they began grassroots fundraising campaigns for their own projects. Eventually, they realized they could transform the entertainment industry into a more inclusive place by empowering filmmakers and artists from under-represented communities. Five years later, the company has grown to have its own studio, an indie film screening platform, and other film industry related services with the mission to make it easier for filmmakers from underrepresented communities to see their films made and distributed.