By Beck Williams
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This campaign has ended. It raised $17,282, reaching its minimum goal.
Our film is helmed by a predominantly trans and LGBTQ team of diverse backgrounds. We aim to expand queer storytelling and honor the complexity of queer identities through nuanced, intimate, and positive representation.
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We are excited to have a strong and growing team of skilled professionals bringing this film to life! That said – it's important for us to make sure that everyone working on this project is paid fair living wages. 


With your pledge, at any amount, we can bring this story to life.  All contributions go directly into budgeting the film, and will help fund the following:


  • Crew  (Cinematographer, Electrical Department team, Camera Department team, AD, Script Supervisor, etc.) 
  • Equipment - being able to rent the right equipment will directly impact the look and quality of the film, giving the story life and depth (high quality camera, lenses, lighting, electrical, etc)
  • Locations - the gritty and lively atmosphere of a boxing gym where the characters sweat, train, and bond
  • Catering - Cast and crew need to be fed and cared for on long shoot days!
  • Production Design - the set dressing, costumes, props that create the world
  • Talent - the cast of actors and our fight director
  • Post Production - This is a biggie! After the film is shot, we need a solid crew to put it all together. This includes an Editor, Colorist, Sound Mixer, and Composer

In terms of our Stretch Goal - past the basics, this amount would help keep our shooting and post schedule on time, and can elevate our abilities in each department. Whether it's an opportunity to upgrade camera and lenses, hire an extra crew member, solidify our editing team, submit to festivals – reaching toward this goal will elevate our film more and more.  


Additional Information


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There isn’t a one-size fits all experience in the trans community. And right now, there’s a lot of harmful rhetoric and an enormous amount of anti-trans legislation being introduced and enacted in the US and beyond. This is the time to tell queer stories by queer people. 


Pace aims to share a story about exploring trans identity. It's equally important for us to not only show some of the challenges, but to show the joy in these experiences! Though Pace is a drama with a message that packs a punch (heh), there is levity, joy, excitement that builds with the bond of Remy and Joey. 


The story sprouted from a personal and respective exploration of Beck and Bex's experiences with identity. What started as a healing journey became a message that they wanted to share with their community and beyond. 


And why boxing? Well, of course we love to box, we're nerds about it. But there's something about entering that flow state, being connected to your body, letting dysphoria slip away as you focus on the details of technique. It's about being a little better than you were yesterday. And the perseverance in training beautifully mirrors the resiliency of the trans community. 


This story is made with love for the queer community, but it's a story for everyone. The message being that there isn’t a finish line to cross to be valid in who you. You are valid, you are enough, wherever you’re at along your path.


Trust the process. Pace yourself.


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The Nitty-Gritty


Independent filmmaking is tough, y'all! We aren't gonna lie. We've been working on this film all year. Planning, connecting, problem solving. 




It's no less than a labor of absolute love. We love building a project with so much to say, so much to share, about topics and people that fill our hearts. So this is our commitment, to you, to our community, to persevere and push until we have a film that speaks our message. 


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Thank You!!


We can't thank you enough for joining us and supporting us on this journey. This film will be possible because of you! We appreciate you, from the bottom of our hearts. 


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Beck Williams
Writer, Director, "Remy"



Beck is an actor and writer passionate about telling queer stories. They are a recent OUTFEST and AMAW Trans Acting Fellow, and have performed in regional and international theatre. Network credits include UNPRISONED, KENAN, and THE L-WORD: GENERATION Q.


Recently, they wrote and directed a trans-lead micro short for OUTFEST, were a semi-finalist in the Women in Film x Black List Episodic Lab, and were a second-rounder in the Sundance Episodic Writing Lab. Their pilot, HOLDER, was an Official Marketplace Selection at the Catalyst Content Festival. They wrote, directed, and produced the short film, FELIX, which won Best Fiction Film at multiple international film festivals.


Beck is passionate about elevating stories of marginalized experiences, and outside of their creative endeavors, they volunteer in healthcare advocacy and access for trans and non-binary folks.

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Bex Taylor-Klaus



Bex Taylor-Klaus has always marched to the beat of their own drum. A fourth generation Atlantan who moved to LA to start their professional acting career while still in high school, their first professional role was as the iconic street kid Bullet in season 3 of AMC/Netflix/s "The Killing," which was highlighted as a stand-out role by the New York Times.


Appearing in prominent roles on Fox’s Deputy, Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, and MTV/VH1’s Scream: The TV Series, Bex has also been seen on series including Arrow, Here and Now, iZombie and House of Lies. Notable film credits include the drama Blackbird with Sam Neill, Susan Sarandon and Kate Winslet, and the Netflix pic Dumplin‘ led by Danielle Macdonald.

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Leo Behrens



Leo Behrens is an award-winning trans cinematographer. He graduated from Westerdals Film & Television in 2010 with focus on screenwriting and directing. He has worked on various documentaries, music videos, short films, TV shows, and reality TV in Norway. In 2023, Leo earned his cinematography degree from the American Film Institute. Shortly after his graduation, he was selected for The ASC Vision Mentorship Program.


Leo's short film "SKIN" won the Gold Medal in the alternative/experimental category at the 2023 Student Academy Awards, where he served as the writer, director, and cinematographer. His recent cinematography contributions to the documentary "Evan Ever After" won the Audience Award for "Best Florida Short" in 2023 and gained recognition at notable film festivals, including, Outfest, InsideOut Film Festival Toronto, NorthwestFest, NewFest, and Out On Film Atlanta.”

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Kelly Lou Dennis



Kelly Lou Dennis is an LA-based actor and filmmaker from the Bay Area. Kind of Asian, kind of European and (bisexually) kind of gay, Kelly embraces not fitting the mold and questioning socially accepted norms that marginalize.


Kelly directed, acted in and cowrote GOOD GIRLS GET FED, a psychological thriller that brutally spotlights societal expectations and the female experience. It is currently being submitted to the festival circuit.


As far as acting, she and her costar won “Outstanding Performance” in the Drama category at the Sherman Oaks Film festival for short film EXITS, and she also won “Best Dramatic Actress” at the TBA Awards for THE ONES THAT STAY BEHIND.

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Veto Swarn
Fight Director, "Victor"



Veto Swarn is an action-actor, stunt coordinator, and martial arts athlete based in Los Angeles. Veto brings action to the screen as a performer and stunt- coordinator for Skydance. When he's not on set, he trains actors, stunt performers, and mo-cap artists in a wide variety of martial arts, fight choreography, and tactical stunts.


Recent credits include PICARD, YOUR HONOR, and the new Bollywood action film BLOODY DADDY.


As a former 2 time Junior Olympic Gold Medalist, Golden Gloves competitor, 2 time state TKD gold medalist, and a military vet (10 years, 3 years in Afghanistan), Veto funnels his skills and knowledge into his passion for storytelling through action and movement.

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Shannon Elizabeth Clark



Shannon Elizabeth Clark is an Independent Film producer. She produced the award-winning social justice short film UN{H}ARMED with Tyrone L. Robinson, which went on to screen at over ten film festivals including Harlem International and Atlanta Shortsfest. Her other award-winning works include CARRION COMFORT, THE INBETWEEN, INVERTIGO, and AWAKE.


She is currently a part of the Directors Guild–Producer Training Plan and has worked on notable scripted TV shows including RUTHERFORD FALLS, HACKS, AP BIO, GREY’S ANATOMY, SWAT, NCIS: LOS ANGELES, THE ROOKIE: FEDS and more.

Team-member photo
Aaron Krimetz



Aaron Krimetz is an Independent film producer and musician based in Los Angeles. Driven by a passion for bringing thought-provoking stories to life, he made his producing debut on the short psychological thriller GOOD GIRLS GET FED. 


As a musician, Aaron’s songs have been featured in the award-winning short film LET GO, and have amassed over 1.5 million streams on Spotify.


Mon. June 10, 6:15 PM PDT

Hi everyone!


We are beyond excited to share that PACE is officially completed and entering the festival circuit! (In fact, we may already have an announcement about that soon 😉)

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Thank you so much to all of you who have made this happen. We are so excited to share this story, and it's only possible because our community showed up to make it a reality. So, cheers to you!! 🥳 And a big thank you to everyone who was involved in making this film.


Incentives will be delivered soon (including the link to the final film for those who opted for it) –  thanks for bearing with us as we focused on production and post! 


We will announce when there are festivals and showings in LA and various regions to see PACE on the big screen. Most of our updates will be on our instagram: @pace.thefilm. So please follow to keep updated! 


All our love and gratitude,




BIG MILESTONE! We passed our Minimum and hit 65%!
Tue. November 14, 1:28 PM PST

Hi everyone!!


We are beyond thrilled to share that we hit our minimum and got to 65% of our goal! We are half-way through the campaign and this film is going to be possible because of YOU! 🥹🥰🧡

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ALSO! Our raffle is underway, and we are stoked! As a limited time incentive (through this Friday) we are raffling a game of DnD with Erika Ishii, Bex, Beck, and 2 of our supporters! (Ooooh, what chaos will this group get up to?) Other prizes include giant packs of Magic the Gathering cards and a newly released DnD book. More details below! 


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👉Select the incentive called “Raffle”

👉Every $20 secures a separate ticket/entry ($20=1 ticket, $40=2, etc)

👉Ends Friday 11/17 9pm PST

Everyone who enters will also receive the previous incentive listed as “social media shoutout.” All funds go toward campaign crowdfunding for Pace. Disclaimers and further information can be found in the link in bio of @pace.thefilm on Instagram.

Thank you all for being on this journey with us! This film is made possible by our community, and we are grateful for you!



The PACE Team :)

Only 1 left!
Bantam Weight – Social Media Shoutout! ($15+)
We want to give you a HUGE thanks for your support! We'll shout you out on our social media!
Unlimited supply.
RAFFLE for DnD Game with Erika Ishii, Bex & Beck, and Prizes! ($20+)
Raffle to win Zoom DnD game with Erika Ishii, Bex, & Beck, Magic the Gathering cards, DnD book. $20 per entry, $40 is two entries, etc
Sold out!
Featherweight – Fighter Certificate ($25+)
What type of fighter are you? Scrappy? Brawler? Get an individualized certificate from Coaches Remy and Joey and flex those skills! (plus previous)
Unlimited supply.
Lightweight - Final Cut of the Film ($50+)
Oooh, sneak peek! You'll get a private link to the final cut of the film when it's complete. (plus previous gifts)
Unlimited supply.
Welterweight - Signed Script and Director's Lookbook ($100+)
Receive a digital download of the signed script and director's look book! (plus previous gifts)
Unlimited supply.
Middleweight - Director Zoom ($250+)
Come hang out and chat with Beck! Film questions, martial arts nerd-out? Whatever floats your boat. (plus previous gifts)
Unlimited supply.
Light Heavy Weight - Box with Beck on Zoom! ($500+)
Wrap those hands for a one-on-one 30 min zoom training session with Beck. (You don't actually need wraps) (plus previous gifts)
Only 5 left!
Heavy Weight - Associate Producer ($1000+)
Woah! Take that producer's chair, because you are officially an Associate Producer of the film. You'll see your name in the credits!
Sold out!
Golden Gloves - Executive Producer ($3000+)
You're making movie magic. Do you hear the applause? Huge thank you to our Executive Producer! Your name on the big screen.
Only 2 left!
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Thank You!
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