Gringo Latino

By Eric Delgado
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This campaign has ended. It raised $20,000, reaching its minimum goal.
I want to transform the definition of Latino beyond cultural and societal expectations.
Gringo Latino
Web Series
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A white-passing Latino struggles to find his identity between his American environment and Latin community.




Gringo Latino follows the personal and professional life of Jason Caballero, a young man searching for his place among his American and Latin communities. He is surprised to discover the immense challenge of trying to meet the stereotypical expectations presented by both sides. This leads him to question who he really is versus who he thinks he needs to be. 


Ultimately, Jason is determined to prove his Latinidad while challenging the perception and definition of what it means to be Latino.


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It is not only important to tell an amazing story; it is imperative that the story look and sound amazing as well. This means hiring industry professionals to help us accomplish that. Our funds will go towards:


  • Cast and Crew
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Securing Locations
  • Creating a COVID-safe set
  • Editing and Post-Production Services


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At $25,000 we are able to make the series, but certain things will have to be cut to do so. If we reach higher funding, we will secure a stronger future for the series:


  • + $1,500 - Professional color grade & sound mix
  • + $2,500 - Covers festival submissions and fees
  • + $5,000 - Allows for higher-tier equipment and production design
  • + $7,500 - Secures dream locations and sets
  • + $10,000 - Repays donated services and favors



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While I am proud to be Latino, I have definitely had my struggles with othering - being made to feel like a stranger within my own ethnic community. Whether it's people testing my Spanish fluency, questioning my cultural knowledge, or judging my social status, it has often been a challenge to feel like I meet the criteria for being a “real Latino.”


But what does it really mean to be Latino anyway? 


This inspired me to create Gringo Latino, a universal story of identity and acceptance filtered through the lens of a white-passing Latino who only speaks pretty good Spanish.



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Very often in media, Latinx people are portrayed in stereotypical ways. Gang members, restaurant workers, valet attendants, and more, with socioeconomic representations consistently trending at lower class levels. 


But what about the millions of people who don't fit into those boxes? Latinos who don't speak the language. Latinos with “non-traditional” physical appearances. Latinos whose chosen careers transcend what America believes them to be capable of. 


This project is a step towards transforming America's perception of Latinos by exposing the toxic nature of the stereotypes revealed in both communities.



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If you have made it this far, congratulations! You have earned a virtual hug from the Gringo Latino Team! But in all seriousness, thank you so much for taking the time to learn about our project. Your contribution means the world to us and brings us that much closer to making this dream a reality. Thanks again, and we'll see you on the red carpet!  

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Eric Delgado
Creator, Lead Actor

Eric Delgado is a Los Angeles-based actor of Puerto Rican and Peruvian descent. After graduating from the University of Florida with a BFA in Musical Theatre, he began his professional career in entertainment. His notable acting credits include the award-winning series WandaVision on Disney+, as well as the films Monster Hunters and Matriarch.


While grateful for the many projects he has been able to work on, Eric is no stranger to the fact that Latinx people face an uphill battle when it comes to representation in the media. This inspired him to write Gringo Latino, through which he hopes to highlight the obstacles people like him face, as well as transform the perception of Latinos beyond stereotypes. 

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Julia Knox
Producer, Lead Actor

Julia Knox is an actress, writer, and producer based in Los Angeles. She is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and has a background in musical theatre and film. She has performed around the country as a professional living statue and stilt walker. She is known for her short films “Dominant Trait” and “Astronots” as well as a pilot she just filmed in Paris, “Time Quest.” 


Julia met Eric while working on WandaVision and the rest is history! She is excited to be on the team for Gringo Latino and bring this story to life!

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Kasey Orthmann
Director of Photography

Kasey Orthmann has never like talking about himself, so early on he decided to build a career that would make others do just that. This has led him to shoving cameras in the faces of people for Adidas, Toyota, Crate & Barrel, Aisha Tyler, and numerous short films.

Mon. May 27, 2:37 PM PDT

Hello All!


We are officially less than one week away from the Gringo Latino World Premiere at LALIFF! We're overjoyed that so many of you will be joining us on Saturday night! 


Once again, the screening is on Saturday, June 1st at 7pm at Regal LA Live (1000 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015).


Please make a note of this additional information for the day of the screening:



The address for the parking garage is 1005 Chick Hearn Ct, Los Angeles, CA 90015

(Park in West Garage (Lot W) Gates E and F only, located south of Olympic Boulevard at Georgia Street and West Road. Parking is $8 with validation and only good for Lot W)



We encourage everybody to shoot for 6:15-6:30pm arrival time to allow ample time for pre-show red carpet/photos and mingling. The screening will begin at 7pm sharp.



Following the screening and Q&A, we invite you to join us at All Season Brewing Company as we celebrate the premiere in style! 

Address: 800 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036


As always, let us know if you have any questions. See you on Saturday!


The Gringo Latino Team

We're Making Our World Premiere!!!
Tue. May 7, 3:20 PM PDT

Dearest Supporters,


We are so thrilled to announce that Gringo Latino is an official selection of the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF)!!! This means that we will be making our WORLD PREMIERE on Saturday, June 1st at 7pm at the Regal Cinema at LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles.


If you would like to attend, tickets are now on sale and available through the LALIFF website. Please use the link below for easy access to the site. Note: we are part of the Episodic Shorts block, so make sure your ticket purchase is for “Episodic Shorts."


Ticket Link:


It would mean the world to us if you could come out and celebrate this project with us. If you do purchase a ticket, please give us a heads up at gringolatinoseries@gmail.comso that we know to expect you.


As always, thank you for being a part of this journey with us, and we hope to see you at the premiere!


All the best,


The Gringo Latino Team

We Have a Pilot!
Fri. April 5, 9:42 AM PDT

Beloved Supporters,


We are pleased to announce that post-production for Gringo Latino is officially DONE!


Our finished product is a half-hour Pilot Presentation that will serve as a proof of concept for a full-length TV series, perfect for a streamer like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc. 


So what is the next step in our journey? Film Festivals! These events are where the project can be seen by executives, producers, agents, and more, and they will assist greatly in generating buzz around our show. We have already begun the festival submission process and will update you accordingly when we are accepted into them.


Thank you so much again for your continued support. We are incredibly proud of what we have created, and we absolutely could not have done this without you!


All the best,


The Gringo Latino Team

A Long Overdue Update
Tue. December 12, 3:23 PM PST

It has certainly been a while since our last update, but Gringo Latino has come a LONG way over the last 10 months. Here’s an overview of how the project has progressed since we last spoke:


Shortly after wrapping production in February, we made the unfortunate discovery that we lost audio on one of our shoot days, affecting two episodes. Determined to remedy the situation, we quickly reassembled a crew and very successfully reshot one of the episodes. For the other affected episode, we opted to use ADR, a process where actors go into a recording studio and dub themselves. Once we got all of this sorted out, we were once again able to officially declare a wrap on production!


The next order of business was to hire an editor. After conducting several interviews, we made our selection and were excited to move forward with a skilled editor who, due to his busy schedule, was not able to start for 2 months. Believing deeply that he was the best fit for the job, we concluded that this delay, while not ideal, would be worth it in the end. He began editing the project in late May, but after working together for a couple months, we determined that his vision was not in alignment with our own, so we concluded that it would be best for us to part ways.


After careful consideration, we decided to have Kasey, our Director of Photography, take over as editor. He started the process over from the beginning and in a short amount of time was able to deliver an AMAZING cut of Gringo Latino! And after working together to make final adjustments, we are proud to announce that editing is now complete!


This brings us to where we are currently: the FINAL stages of post-production! We have brought on a colorist, a sound designer, and a composer, and we expect the project to be completed by the end of January!


Thank you so much again to all of you for being a part of this journey. It has certainly been a longer road than anticipated, but the finish line is in sight! And let us tell you: Gringo Latino is looking GOOD. Can’t wait for all of you to see it! But until then, you can expect more consistent updates from us going forward.


Talk soon!

That's a Wrap!
Sun. February 12, 11:41 AM PST

As you may have seen on social media recently, we have officially completed principal photography for Gringo Latino! We successfully filmed 8 episodes in 4 LONG days. Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated crew and delightful actors, we now have all of the footage we need to tell this impactful story.


Next, Gringo Latino transitions into post-production, where we will hire an editor and get all of the footage cut together into a finished product. This process will take a few months but after that… WE. WILL. HAVE. A. SHOW!


As always, thank you again for supporting us through this process. We'll continue to keep you updated along the way! 

Happy New Year!
Tue. January 3, 10:01 AM PST

Our Dearest Supporters, the Gringo Latino team wishes all of you a Happy New Year!


As we begin 2023, we would like to provide you with an update on the series. Since completing our campaign, the team has been hard at work with preproduction. We cast our actors, secured our locations, and assembled our crew. This week, we are putting the finishing touches on everything in anticipation of our shoot which begins NEXT WEEK!!! We are incredibly excited to begin production and look forward to sharing more updates with you as we inch closer and closer to Shoot Day #1!!!


Thank you so much again for taking this ride with us. We wouldn't be here without you.

Thank You for Supporting Our Story
Sat. September 3, 11:42 AM PDT

It's official. The crowdfunding campaign for Gringo Latino has come to a close. After 30 days, we are proud to announce that we successfully raised $20,000!  Thank you so much to each and every one of you for believing in this project. It means the world to us to have your support and we're delighted to welcome you into the Gringo Latino family!


As we now move forward with making the series, we will keep you updated on our progress. And for those of you who selected incentives, we will be honoring those in the coming weeks. So stay tuned and stay excited! And once again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting Gringo Latino! 

The Final Day Has Arrived!
Fri. September 2, 3:37 PM PDT

It's here! The final day of our campaign. After 29 days of crowdfunding, we are proud to announce that we have raised over 75% of our goal. That's almost $19,000 thanks to the generous contributions from you, our wonderful supporters. Each and every one of you has played an integral role in helping us get this far, and for that, we are incredibly grateful.


As these final hours wind down, we invite you share this project with people who might connect with this project and encourage them to contribute. Every supporter gained brings us that much closer to reaching our goal. And for those who are able to, please consider increasing your contribution amount to help us reach the finish line. The closer we are to our goal by the end of this process, the stronger our product will be. And a stronger product means we will be able to spread our important message to even more people upon completion of the series.


That said, thank you so much again for joining us on this journey, and we can't wait to show you what comes next! 

Campaign RALLY!
Mon. August 15, 12:14 PM PDT

August 15 2022

CAMPAIGN RALLY!! We are mid way through week 2 of our campaign and 20 supporters away from 100 supporters!! Help us get there! Every little bit helps!

Mon. August 15, 11:40 AM PDT


One week into our campaign we had 68 contributors and over $14000 raised!!

This put us over our minimum goal and is the start to making our dreams a reality! 


Thank you to all who have contributed! We couldn't do this without you!

Mon. August 15, 11:36 AM PDT



By the end of the first day we had almost $5000 of contributions!

We are so overwhelmed and grateful! Thank you to all of our contributors for the amazing start!!

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Get your name in the thank you credits! Includes all previous incentives.
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Ask Us Anything ($250+)
Hop into an hour-long Q&A with the team after the release to see how we made the series!
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Day On Set ($500+)
Come join us on set while we film!
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Name A Character ($500+)
Leave your mark on the story by renaming one of the characters! (Subject to approval of course...)
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Associate Producer Credit ($1000+)
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