Family Lies: A Faith-Based Feature Film
By Stephanie Brown
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This film asks if you can't be real with your family, who can you be real with? Lessons of forgiveness, acceptance, and sacrifice shine through in this project. It's a relatable story about how "love covers a multitude of sins" 1 Peter 4:8
Family Lies: A Faith-Based Feature Film


A reserved matriarch fights to keep her family intact once hurtful secrets emerge during Mother's Day weekend, strengthening her faith.



"Because some lies have the best intentions." ~Nora Russell


We are ready to present to you Family Lies. You have Nora and Al Russell, who have been married for 40 years. They are the proud parents of three daughters. There’s Terri, the workaholic who never comes home. Lori is the quintessential middle child with a chip on her shoulder. Lastly, there’s Maddie, the doting and bright-eyed youngest who finds the good in everything. For news, Nora has had the perfect family until Al reveals a secret that tests the family bond. How will the Russell family adjust to their new normal?


Why me?

I come from a large and close-knit family. I have aunts and uncles who are more like moms and dads. I have cousins who are more like siblings, nieces, and nephews. We come together for holidays and life events. One particular annual event is our Christmas Eve pajama jam. We spend the night at one house, sing, dance, and watch movies. Yet, we always watch the same movies. That is how Family Lies was born.


I want to create a film that could be watched by the whole family. A story of acceptance, forgiveness, and sacrifice. And I want a holiday that's never shown. I picked Mother's Day because I love my mother and the sacrifices she made to help me be who I am today. Enjoy a story about a mother's love and her choices.





An actor you have seen on your movie and tv screens has read the script and loves it. He wants to bring on investors. I want to be one of them so the money I raise will be a part of my investment in the film.



Additional Information

Because I've written, directed, and produced 12 short films and a stageplay, NOW is the time I create my first feature! It's NOW because I left teaching in January. NOW we need more feel-good on our devices. Somebody, somewhere is depending on me to do what God has called me to do.




The Nitty-Gritty

Our highly experienced team has the knowledge, creativity, and passionate spirit to bring together all the moving parts needed to make Family Lies a reality. We care deeply about this story and want to take the time needed to make it feel honest and real. We have the community here in Atlanta to bootstrap certain elements of production in a true indie DIY fashion. Now we just need the funds. This is where you come in.


With your support, we can produce a great project that will speak volumes about the voices of African American families. You can have your voice heard in a film by contributing to its production.


Film is a powerful medium to spread our message to the community; however, it’s also an expensive one. We need to pay for things like talent, crew, equipment, permits, meals, transportation, etc.  Every little bit counts and we want to thank each of you for believing in Family Lies. Your contribution is very important to us!


Thank you in advance for your generous pledge of any amount! It all goes to help create art and support an up-and-coming filmmaker on her journey! #HERstoryInTheMaking



Thank You

I hope this film inspires you in some way. Whether it reminds you to take a break and enjoy the moment you’re in, to have an attitude of gratitude, to be vulnerable, to let life take its course, or even to make a film of your own! I want all that and more for you. If you ever feel inclined, feel free to reach out to me anytime about this project or whatever’s on your mind at See ya on campaign trail!

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SA Brown

SA Brown-Writer, Producer, Director

Born and raised in Mississippi, SA began writing full-time in 2010. In 2015, SA moved to Atlanta and officially launched her own production company, SAB Entertainment. Through this channel, SA writes and produces films and TV shows. 


SA has written four features and a one-woman show. She recently launched her streaming service, Kemet TV, distributing content on five platforms. When everything is done, SA will have a photography and scene studio and performing arts center. 


Education. Encouragement. Engagement. Entertainment. These are SA’s goals each time she creates content. You can find all of her work at


The Inspiration Behind It All
Wed. August 10, 9:16 AM EDT

This Lady Here….


SWYD and help me wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! She just told me that this birthday feels extra special. I guess it's because of all she's been through in the last 10 months.


I wrote Family Lies because my mom and I like to sit in the bed and watch movies together. I don't know about her but I get nervous when a love scene comes on or they are dropping f-bombs every 5 minutes. So I wanted to create a film I didn't have to be nervous about. She is the inspiration for Family Lies.


One more thing! She can add CANCER SURVIVOR to her titles because today is her last day of treatment! Yes, this lady here inspires me. I want to make her so proud. Happy Birthday, Mama!


PS: She hopes you all are enjoying her recipe.

Week 2 Milestone
Sun. August 7, 9:49 PM EDT

Don't Talk; Just Listen!


Week 2 has been ah-mazing! We reached my goal of 4K. Thanks to all of you! Now it's onward and upward to WEEK 3. To release the funds, we have to raise 6K. Yes, I said WE. We are all in this together now.


I challenge each of you to reach out to ONE other person and ask them to contribute to Family Lies. They will either say yes or no but it's still a win-win because that is one more person who know about the project. A YES is the bonus!


So let's use this week to reach out to others and share the word about Family Lies. Let's make #HERstory.

Matching Donor Drive
Fri. August 5, 6:25 PM EDT

I know, I know! I promised you a surprise on Wednesday but I had to lock it in before I could say anything.


I have a matching donor will contribute up to $500 if I raise $500 by Sunday. Believe me, any amount helps!!!!! 


So tell all of your friends and family that you have a cool project you are supporting. A project that needs some more love. 


Thanks for being there and your support.

Week One Milestone
Sun. July 31, 5:34 PM EDT

When I started this, I didn't know what to expect. I set a mini-milestone of $2500 for the first week. WELL, Thanks to my supporters, I have met that milestone and now look forward to the next week.

I have a big announcement for this week. Can't wait to share, but you'll have to wait until Wednesday. I will update you then.

Until next time, THANK YOU to my Week One supporters! I'd be no where without you.



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