Death of a Pink Butterfly

By Amanda Lee
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This story tells of a disabled child who overcomes issues she's facing silently and comes out stronger on the other side, a miracle. Some would say a supernatural experience.
Death of a Pink Butterfly

The vision for ArrihsytHouse Pictures began in 2021.  We are developing a reputable approach to bringing the most capable, passionate cast together to create compelling films with powerful, moving stories, and memorable characters. My film "Death of a Pink Butterfly" will exemplify how faith can increase for one with a disability, and how taking care of a loved one with a disability will increase your faith. Our goal is for our films to be seen by the world through film festivals, streaming services, theaters, and online platforms. 


“Death of a Pink Butterfly” short film has already been an amazing opportunity to breathe life into the dreams of many people. We believe our short film is amazing and will continue with each and every project we create. Our vision is long-term and not just a pipe dream to make a movie, but to develop a creative engine to tell story after story that compels and inspires audiences along the way.  


“Death of a Pink Butterfly” is the first of several projects we are currently developing. We have been assembling a powerful cast and crew that realize our creative vision, and also begin assembling our creative engine for future films.

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A mother who has long since abandoned her faith after her mother and father died must renew her relationship with God when she embarks on a journey to pray for her disabled daughter's life after she slips into a coma. 


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In Death of a Pink Butterfly, Oddina Matthews is born with neuroblastoma. Cancer has spread to her bones causing her body to become limp and never being able to walk. Without a doubt, Oddina is dealing with severe pain in silence. 


Her parent's emotions are high, and out of control blaming each other for her illness. Her mother, Abigail, is coping with trauma from her father dying a few months earlier and now, the impact of dealing with more illness and family secrets are pushing her over the edge. Her father, Dean is deeply upset and agitated.


Turning your back on your loved one is NOT an option. Can faith bring this family back together? 


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Hello! My name is Amanda Lee, and I'm a writer/producer. This campaign will help bring my film, "Death of a Pink Butterfly" to completion.  We can create this amazing short film with £5,000.00.  Your contribution will go towards pre and post-production. This includes:

  • Securing locations
  • Transportation
  • Cast and crew
  • Food
  • Wardrobe
  • Editing.
  • Props
  • Insurance
  • Music Composition
  • Equipment
  • Set Design
  • COVID safety
  • Taxes and much more!

Additionally, we plan to self-distribute the film and submit it to film festivals worldwide. Some of our stretch goals would be funding:

  • Film Festival submissions.
  • Self-Distribution costs
  • Screenings at venues across the country

 Our awesome producers are supplying all the equipment, helping to keep the costs of the film down.  We believe we can accomplish this with the strength of the screenplay, the talent of our team, our carefully planned film festival run, and most importantly, your support. 


Achieving this goal would be incredible, so we want to make sure to give back to you! In exchange for your support, a wide selection of perks are available. We’re eager to involve everyone interested in the film, and really make this a collaborative process with you, the contributors! Any contribution goes a huge way! To everyone that shares our campaign on social media and to friends and family, we’re grateful! 



Risk and Challenges


When making films, there is always the possibility of errors and unplanned scenarios to happen. However, with the talented team we have, we are experienced enough to work through anything we come across. No film is without risk, and things will go wrong in every production, but we have planned for this in our budget. 


Our small and creative team is able to move quickly and make changes to accommodate challenges very easily. A lot of these possible challenges are addressed during pre-production. With careful planning, we know we are creating a product that we can safely pull together in the amount of time we have and for the budget, we have projected.  


Having a cast and crew that has plenty of experience working in Film and Theater already gives us the confidence to overcome whatever obstacles that may be thrown our way! 



Other ways to help

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We understand that not everyone can afford to contribute to our project. But, there are plenty of FREE ways to help us get this film funded and produced. The biggest thing is getting the project out there. If you can share a link to this campaign and give us a shout-out, we'd massively appreciate it! 


We will be posting updates on our social media pages, and our campaign. If you leave us comments on the campaign, we will respond promptly. This is a collaborative process, so we want to get you involved as well. WORD OF MOUTH is always great too. If you can let your family, friends, or anyone you know who might be interested in our film, that could make all the difference. 



Thank you

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We will make this film happen; so THANK YOU for all your help, we truly mean it.

Again, THANK YOU  so much for taking the time to read about the film. My promise to anyone who makes a donation is to produce a film you can feel proud to have invested in. 

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Amanda Lee
Producer/ Writer/ Author

Amanda Lee was born and raised in Forest, Mississippi. She burst onto the literary scene in 2009. In September 2012, after departure from a non-trade book publisher, Amanda Lee decided to self-publish under her own publishing house, Vicious Ink Publications. She writes in the thriller, horror, science fiction, urban and erotic genre. She has ten novels and five short stories under her belt and working on many more projects. 


Now, she has created her own film production company, ArrihsytHouse Pictures. Death of a Pink Butterfly is one of her short films. There are others in production: Twisted by Blood (feature), Stalker Outside My Window (short), Accused by Color (short), A Family Divided by Color (feature), and many more. 

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