Support Our Story: Why It’s Changing the Landscape of Entertainment
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The world of entertainment and filmmaking has fascinated all of us for many years. But behind all the grand productions and the glitz and glamour, comes a pressing issue that’s been around for as long as films have been made—a lack of support. When you’re new in the entertainment industry, you can’t just rely on creativity and imagination to get your career started. You also need the funding to get your machinery going. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get funding if you’re new in the industry. This is where project funding companies come in.

The humble beginnings of Support Our Story

Support Our Story was established by filmmakers who understand this need for support and funding for aspiring filmmakers and talents to give them leverage in the industry. An arm of Avenida Productions, which was founded by a dynamic husband and wife duo from Los Angeles, California, Support Our Story has become one of the best crowdfunding sites for film because of how it supported new talents in telling their story, which would be challenging if they didn’t have any funding.

Being filmmakers themselves, the company’s founders had firsthand experiences on how difficult it was to raise funding for stories and projects in Hollywood. Worse, it’s hard to penetrate such a competitive market if you only rely on creativity but you don’t have the support from bigger filmmakers in the industry. They started organizing crowdfunding campaigns for their own projects and when that worked, the founders began helping other filmmakers raise successful crowdfunding campaigns for their respective projects.

The difference a company can make in the industry

After a lot of crowdfunding for film projects, the company eventually worked on establishing itself as a trusted partner for young talents and filmmakers who want their voices to be heard but don’t have the platform for it. They realized that the entertainment industry needs to be a more inclusive space for all creatives and not just those with strong connections, so the founders worked on different projects that helped achieve that goal.

Over the years, Support Our Story has grown into one of the best platforms for crowdfunding for film projects, and it has empowered so many aspiring artists, filmmakers, and talents from different communities in the country. When you join Support Our Story, you just need to create an account and tell us about the goal behind your story through your campaign page. The company will not only help you get funding, but it will provide you with a space where you can be free with your creativity and really allow yourself to immerse in the story that you’re trying to tell.

Then, you can share that story with your community to make people understand what you need and how they can support you. Support Our Story is committed to making the entertainment industry a more inclusive space. The reason why our platform stands out is because it comes with built-in coaching, which not only helps support creatives on their crowdfunding journey but also one of the highest success rates in the industry. Support Our Story has made a huge difference not only in the lives of aspiring filmmakers but also to the entire community who benefits from beautiful works of art in the entertainment and filmmaking industry.

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