By Rogelio Camarillo
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To shed light on parenting rights particularly Trans parents. Together, we can create a world where every parent, regardless of their gender identity, can raise their children free from discrimination and with full legal protection.



Ruby, a transgender woman tries to reconnect with her 4 year old son after 3 years of being apart due to an anti-trans law .




The film “Apart” tells the story of Rolando and Jackie. A heterosexual couple married for 5 years until Rolando comes out to Jackie that he feels the need to transition to Ruby and embrace his feminine energy. Jackie refuses to accept this and divorces Rolando. She then uses an anti-trans law to keep Rolando/Ruby completely out of the life of their 5 month old son Alejandro. After several years, Jackie finally agrees to allow Rolando/Ruby to see their son one time and with certain conditions. Rolando/Ruby must now find a way to win Alejandro's trust to whom he/she is a stranger.




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The funds raised with your support will pay for the  plethora of production expenses. For example, equipment rentals such as cameras, sound recording gear and pro lighting. We want to be able to hire an all around professional crew from make-up to wardrobe to cinematography, editing and of course our amazing director! We would also like to hire the best cast of talented union actors possible. Not to mention location expenses, catering, production insurance, post production which includes editing, original score, sound mixing, marketing and film festival submission fees among other expenses. If we meet our goal and reach our stretch goal those funds will be utilized to hire a marketing team to find a distributor in hope to reach a wider audience globally. Your financial support is greatly appreciated…thank you.


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This journey began in the summer of 2022. Not as an idea for a film but as an imaginary scenario that I repeatedly envisioned to raise my energy from a low energy state up to a positive energy state. This story is loosely based on a personal experience I had a few years ago. It was a time of drastic and sudden change in my life. I found myself spiraling deeper and deeper down a path of emotional despair. But in writing this script it came to be the first step in my healing process. 

 The issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community are perhaps more complex than some might imagine. It's not all fun and glitter. We too are affected by family issues like relationships, divorce and parenting rights. This film brings those particular issues to the foreground and perhaps will open minds by changing the perspective of those who judge us.


The challenge we face now is raising the funds we need to bring this story to you as a film. Production costs in Los Angeles are, well…it's Los Angeles! Need I say more? 


We invite you to join us on this cinematic journey by contributing financially to our fund raising campaign.   




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Rogelio Camarillo Jr

Rogelio is an international bilingual actor, writer and film maker. He was raised near the Mexican border in southwestern Arizona. He grew up within both cultures. Rogelio can be seen on the Phillipe Van Leeuw film “The Wall”  season 5 of the Emmy nominated Netflix series "Better Call Saul", season 2 of the HBO MAX series "Euphoria" among others.

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Mauricio Arrioja

Mauricio brings over 10 years of television, commercial, music video, and motion picture production experience. He has worked with Viacom, Univision, NBC, ABC, CBS, The Emmy's, The TV Academy, AFI Fest, Hola Mexico Film Festival and several award-winning directors and filmmakers.

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Celso Garcia

Celso is one of the most exciting writer/directors from Mexico.
2015 marked his debut with his first feature film, The Thin Yellow Line, starring Damián Alcázar and produced by Guillermo del Toro. It graced 72 film festivals worldwide and claimed 34 international awards, including prestigious honors such as the Audience Award and the Special Jury Award at the Guadalajara International Film Festival. In 2023, two feature films he directed have been released- Tangos, Tequilas y algunas Mentiras, a romantic comedy he helmed for Sony Pictures and Amazon Studios, and The Great Seduction (La Gran Seducción), a comedy where he also served as writer and executive producer which can be seen on Netflix.

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Carla Mariela Lopez
Hair Make up artist/associate producer

Carla is a professional hair and make up artist in Los Angeles. She is also a professional photographer covering life events, concerts and red carpet premieres. She is the graphic design artist and photographer of our poster for this film. And soon to be a cinematographer. 

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Susana Dueñas
Behind The Scenes Photography/associate producer

Susana is a Los Angeles based award-winning director, producer, and writer with over seven years of experience of directing and producing short form content and films. Her short films have won various awards including "Best Foreign Language Film" at the DTLA Film Festival for Toro de Oro, a short film she co-wrote. She attributes her passion for storytelling to hearing the stories of how her family made a life for themselves here in the U.S. Her love for film, passion for the truth, and commitment to her faith are the driving forces in her profession.

Almost there
Mon. March 18, 9:06 AM PDT

Hi everyone! We are coming up to the finish line and still pushing hard. We’re almost there. We have 16 hours left to reach our minimum goal of $5,000 please consider an additional contribution, We are $1,650 away from reaching it and every amount helps. Also sharing the link with friends and family would be so appreciated. I hope you‘re having a wonderful day and thank again for your amazing support! 😊🎬🌈

Wed. March 6, 11:00 AM PST

Hello everyone


We are getting closer to reaching our goal and we are grateful for all the support we've received thus far. Your belief in our story, our film and our dreams means very much to us…gracias!

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Tue. February 20, 6:51 PM PST

Hello everyone! We are grateful you are here joining us on this journey of movie making. We are at $820 raised, feeling excited, let's keep that momentum going! We truly appreciate your contribution. We ask that you please share this with everyone with a direct message, email, social media post shares whatever works for you and again …gracias!

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You'll spend a day on the set during filming and watch as we make movie magic+all the perks above.
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Ultimate Executive Producer ($2500+)
Ever wanted to be in a movie? Here's your chance! You will be a background extra in our film during one day of shooting plus all the other perks.
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